edART – Education Through Art

What is edART?

edART was a program created by Connect Institute and funded by the European Union that trained young artists working in two main fields: Music and Visual Arts. For an eight-month period, 33 participants attended weekly sessions and MasterClasses led by internationally known local artists.

Opening Ceremony:



33 young, talented artists coming from Agadir and its surrounding regions.


  • Nawal Slaoui: A famous Moroccan art gallery owner that facilitated a one-day MasterClass. She discussed the different career choices existing in the visual arts industry and introduced the participants to successful Moroccan artists and their artwork. She also took the time to see the participants’ artwork and gave them advice on how they can improve.
  • Farida Benlyazid: Internationally renowned and a powerful figure in Moroccan cinema, Benlyazid is the one of the few female Moroccan directors and screenwriters. During her one-day MasterClass, Benlyazid taught participants different screenwriting techniques. Participants were then instructed to develop their own movie script for which Benlyazid provided feedback on.
  • Hicham Benohoud: Through his one-day MasterClass, Hicham Benohoud shared his artwork with the participants. While Benohoud invited them to ask questions about his work, he also talked about his background and how it is reflected in his art. The participants were given the chance to showcase their photos, which enabled Benohoud to provide feedback and appreciate their talent and work. Overall, 10 participants presented 19 pictures.



Visual Arts: Our participants produced a stop motion picture, 12 short films, a photo exhibition, and a painting exhibition.

  • Stop Motion Video
  • Illustrations for “AYOUR” Song
  • Connect Institute Moments: Animated slideshow
  • What is Connect Institute? – Animation Video
  • Illustrations for “You can make it” song
  • Indian women: Short Film
  • A dream: Short Documentary
  • Dream – Do: Short Film
  • Inner Voices: Animation Short Film
  • Urban Agadir: Photo Exhibition
  • Signature: Painting Exhibition
  • Dance of the light: Contemporary Dance with Light Painting

Music: The participants composed 7 songs. They combined different musical genres and created songs tackling topics that mattered most to them such as peace, love, tolerance, freedom, and more.

  • One Road
  • You Can Make It
  • Ayour (the moon)
  • The Black Tuesday
  • Hold On
  • Mmi lhnina (My Tender Mother)
  • Ma bella
  • Financed by

  • The Facilitators

    Ali Faiq

    Ali Faiq

    Moroccan singer and composer, Ali Faiq facilitated music sessions in which our participants learned how to write lyrics and compose rhytms.
    Ahmed Boutgaba

    Ahmed Boutgaba

    Moroccan filmographer, Ahmed Boutgaba was the facilitator of the visual arts sessions. These sessions provided our participants with the tools they needed in order to create their own original visual content by learning how to use a camera, how to edit a film, and how take a good photo with a good composition while respecting the technical norms.
  • The Participants

    Before Connect Institute, I always worked alone. This program allowed me to work with a team and collaborate with other young artists. Lamia Hmaiddout
    Before this experience, I use to be scared of talking in public. At Connect Institute, I learned to express my thoughts freely. Ghizlane Ait Bouazza
    In Agora 5, I had the chance to perform with Philip Holzapfel, the political adviser of the European Union in Morocco. He is the best trumpet player I have ever jammed with. His improvisation skills and solos are out of this world. Anouar Nait Elhaj-Ali
  • The Guests

    There is a diversity of talents in Connect Institute that I have never seen anywhere else. Hicham Benohoud, Artist Photo
    It is no secret that edART is our favorite funded program. Philip Holzapfel, Political Advisor of the European Union in Morocco

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