Letter from the Founder

Dear friends, young people from Morocco:

Your first and most important project is yourself. Before any other project to prepare for, or aim to succeed in other professional activities, your priority is to know yourself, to know your potential, and to value it. Look around you – see those who embark on projects with more than adequate means, with the appropriate expertise, but who do not succeed, or who do not progress for lack of having developed the appropriate human skills.

You have to define what you want to do with your life, without thinking of it as something permanent or definitive. Taking a path to a destination does not mean that this destination is the best. Do not exclude that on this path, you may make discoveries that may lead you to new opportunities that you must take advantage of.

Even if it is true, and is confirmed every day by the various official reports and diagnoses, you shouldn’t consider yourself victim of this system that only installs fear, destroys confidence, and does not encourage initiative, curiosity, and motivation.

Instead of complaining and trying to adapt to your surroundings as certain voices may urge you, you must take charge of yourself, choose the path that is yours, and find the road which leads you to your own dream…

Making this choice alone is not easy, but we are here at Connect Institute to help you if you choose to take this new path. With sincere commitment and continuous effort, this decision places you in the direction of progress; the progress that leads to the equality, justice, and freedom for all.

This is modernity. To take advantage of the achievements of humanity, which are made of a mix of diverse cultures and origins.

Modernity is not Westernization. It is not the gadgets, it is not the consumption, it is not the blind imitation of what is done elsewhere…

Building oneself in this era begins by taking into account the advances of the human being since its creation and rejecting the calls to return. To enjoy life to the fullest and lead a useful existence for yourself and others. Modernity has brought negative aspects to social structures that must be changed. Modernity has also introduced useful rules to build a personality and succeed in one’s life project. This success requires better management of time, better management of relationships, identification of priorities, openness, and general culture.

Modernity has given a central place to the individual and has frayed the traditional belongings. This is the flip side of the coin of our time. Faced with globalization around the world, withdrawal into oneself might appear to be the most reassuring response.

Extremists, fanatics, and xenophobes feed on each other and we can see what this creates around the world. The right answer to correcting this crippling problem lies in the creation of communities that bring together people who embrace the values ​​of openness, nourish diversity, and strive for positive change for all.

Connect Institute is an alternative school, a cultural center, and a creative space. Moreover, it is a community of young people who wants to understand these issues, develop skills and strong bonds of friendship to face these problems together. A community that focuses on values and knowledge sharing for the acquisition of the tools that brings hope and builds the future.

Each one of our participants is called to make an individual effort with the support of this community to which they contribute to the consolidation.



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