Participante à MOMKIN, Soukaina n’a pas démontré une grande motivation pour participer au programme lors des premières semaines. Elle a vite changé d’avis après avoir découvert et compris notre méthode pour aider les jeunes à s’épanouir.

Dans le texte suivant, elle raconte son histoire.

My name is Soukaina Zaida, I have been existing on this earth for 27 years by now. A black woman, originally from a small beach city located in south Morocco called Sidi Ifni. I was born and raised in a big family and I was the youngest female child. The conflict between generation was intense and each family member lived his/her own story in his/her own reality bubble.

Observing the generation gap between my mother, a very dynamic young woman with a curious soul keen to learn fast, and my father, a man in his 60s representing all sorts of traditional ideologies in the society even though he was an easy going person, concerned me for a long time in my childhood.

Illiteracy was widespread in my entourage, but I still had divers sources of knowledge:


  • The one derived from learning by heart some verses of Quran without trying to go through any spiritual journey,
  • Knowledge conveyed by tales told by my grandmother besides rhymed Amazigh proverbs.
  • Two orphan-siblings that were living with us. They showed a great deal of admiration to arts in general like reading books and journals, regularly listening to music, animating big events in the cultural center, and always talking about Spanish architecture left by the Spanish colonization.
  • And finally, knowledge I acquired at school by violence and fear. Our role as students was to avoid psychological and physiological harm.

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