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    “You have succeeded in cultivating an incredible community at the Connect Institute which will clearly have a lasting impact on the participating youth. Their self-confidence, willingness to take risks, and interest in exploring new endeavors will enable them to contribute to their country and communities in a very meaningful way.”




    “I was pleasantly surprised by Connect Institute. I had no idea that such institute existed.
    I appreciate this exchange between generations, between me and you, the future of this country. We have so many things to learn from each other, and Connect Institute is needed to allow such an exchange.”


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    To submit an application for enrollment, click here to be redirected to our apply now page. We are always welcoming visitors to learn more about our programs and discover our facilities.
    The curriculum at Connect Institute revolves around our three core values: Learn, Build, Make. We focus on team learning, improving writing skills, public speaking, develop self-confidence and self-esteem, and many more philosophies to build on soft skills. Our primary focus is to build up each attendee’s personality. In all of our activities, students are applying skills that they will be able to use across all fields of work.
    Connect Institute does not offer a traditional diploma. We developed a web platform to digitalize the learning process and to issue online badges. A badge is an indicator that identifies and validates our participants’ skills, knowledge, accomplishments, and competencies. The system, called ciBadges, has six different badges that certify the skills required by today’s employers: communication, creativity, interpersonal, personal, professional, and leadership skills.
    If you are a foreigner and are interested in a cultural exchange experience at Connect Institute, we are always looking for volunteers and interns!

    Connect Institute has recently launched its Residency Program that welcomes volunteers, visitors, and interns to stay in one of our four residency rooms. The program allows them to be immersed in the Connect Institute environment and engage with talented Moroccan youth.

    Contact us for further information!

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