At the foundation of any economic or social dynamic, one will find traces of education and culture. Here at Connect Institute, we strongly believe that we have the potential to act as a part of this foundation, and we hope that all people searching for this deeper meaning can find us.

The Cultural Centre of Agadir, a space unique in the surrounding region, is organizing an exceptional array of interesting events that will take place between the months of February and April. A range of Moroccan professionals and artists will be joining us during these classes and events that have been created and structured by Connect Institute participants.

Our ambition has only grown as we have become more successful in the work of our mission. This ambition stems from the elevated levels of patience and hours of work that have been invested to make the organization what it has become today.

During three years, we have organized five large biannual events (AGORA) that have gathered over 1,200 people. We have also held over 100 smaller events (photo exhibitions, concerts, storytelling, music, and video competitions, MasterClasses, discussions with more than 70 international and national guests, etc.) welcoming over 3,000 people.

Since the beginning, we have gained the trust of world renowned artists and professionals, as well as national and international partners.

Come to experience for yourself and contribute to the cultural animation of our city!

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