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Mr. Taha Balafrej

Mr. Taha Balafrej The Founder

team member since February, 2014

Taha Balafrej holds a doctorate in Mathematics and has worked for several years as a university professor.

In the years following, Balafrej was appointed Director of the Ministry of the Environment. Among other missions during his six years in this position, he was a member of the Bureau of the UN Convention on Climate Change. He also contributed to the creation of an industrial depollution fund and led negotiations on the Environmental chapter of the Free Trade Agreement between Morocco and the United States signed in 2002.

In 2010, Balafrej was appointed Director of Environment and Sustainable Development at OCP, the largest Moroccan mining company that is a world leader in mining Phosphates and its derivatives. For four years, he set up an efficient structure and mechanisms, including overseeing the design and implementation of the OCP skills program, which provided training and employability to thousands of young people.

Over time, Taha Balafrej has published numerous articles and has participated in several major international conferences related to sustainable and human development.

Since 2014, in order to share the fruits and lessons of his various experiences, he created Connect Institute, an organization located in Agadir that aims to accompany young people to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Taha Balafrej is married and the father of two children.

Prof. John Doe

Prof. John Doe Assistant Superintendent

Administrative team member since June, 1997

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Prof. Dr. Sc. Mr. Marrie Pirrie

Prof. Dr. Sc. Mr. Marrie Pirrie Assistant Superintendent

Administrative team member since June, 2012

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Marcus Bossner Jr.

Marcus Bossner Jr. Public Relations

Administrative team member since May, 2011

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